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Funeral floristry as last, affectionate greeting

Taking leave of a dear person is one of the most difficult things in life. Often the words are missing - how beautiful is it when you can express your love and appreciation in a death with a tragedy! We are there for you when it comes to designing the appropriate tomb jewelry. With our experience, our floristic skills and a lot of empathy, we are at your side.

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The funeral wreath and its many possibilities

As a farewell to a funeral service and as a funeral decoration, the funeral wreath is a frequently chosen variant. The circular form - without beginning and end - is a symbol of eternity and immortality. This form of binding plays an important role in mourning floristics. Choose the favorite flowers of the deceased or call us a desired color so that the wreath represents a beautiful connection and remembrance. You can send your last greetings on an individually printed jewelery, which fits in with the flowers.

Beerdigungs kranz, rote Rosen, München

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In the selection of the flowers, which are processed on the funeral wreath, you can order quite different variations. The single-colored wreath looks rather elegant. Whoever has to say good-bye to his beloved life partner, sets a striking sign with a funeral wreath, which has many red roses. A wreath with a colorful flower mixture shows joy and hope, despite all sorrow. In many cases such a wreath is just the right choice. Let yourself be guided by your heart when you choose the mourning floristics. We are happy to help!

Other forms of tying and binding in the tomb decoration

In addition to the classic funeral ring, you can choose from a variety of other forms. A gesture in heart shape expresses above all one thing: love. But also a bouquet of flowers is good as a tapestry. During the funeral, the gesture rests next to the coffin, later decorates the grave. Fresh flowers hold up to two weeks depending on the weather, so you do not have to worry about the grave in the first days after the funeral.

A bouquet or a wreath will of course also be appropriate if you want to give a flower greeting for a mourning celebration of a person who was not so close to you personally. In case of a death in the neighborhood or in the circle of colleagues, you will show your interest with a convincingly designed arrangement. If you want to bring a smaller floral greeting for a mourning celebration, then a stylish bouquet is the right alternative.

Mourning floristics in different interpretations

"Le langage des fleurs", the language of the flowers: On our behalf, you already know what is important to us. Flowers often say more than a thousand words. Especially when the occasion is sad, you can achieve a lot with flowers. We offer funeral truisms according to your wishes. A heart of yellow roses for the dear girlfriend, a cross-shaped arrangement of colorful summer flowers for the faithful, always cheerful neighbors, a noble bouquet with lilies or orchids for the business partner - trust in your intuition and our experience, so that the last flowering impression impressively , But not intrusive.

You can reach us in our flower store at Rosenheimer Platz in Munich from Monday to Saturday at our business hours. We would be happy to advise you by telephone. You can also contact us at any time by e-mail.

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